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Oranges are the symbol of love, and so are the feelings we share for what is done here, at Digital Orange. What happens when you gather a hard-working, passionate team of professional web and mobile developers, digital marketers, and graphic designers is a transformation into an affordable IT and Digital Marketing company dedicated to building the perfect, customer-friendly web and mobile solutions, ready to be revealed on the digital market.

Starting June 2018, we became a proud member of the
GWC World Advertising Group .

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About Us

Our process

Five proven fundamentals determine the way we create magic on the web. Making something into becoming successful always begins with the first step, but it won't be complete without the rest of the process. Here's what we base our success on.

Information Gathering

Knowing exactly what our clients want is the place to start. We gather information and suggest possible changes, beneficial to the project. Based on experience, we come to an acceptable conclusion.

"Knowledge is power."

Planning & Mock-up Design

It's time for our designers to act. Sketch drawing followed by the creation of fully-responsive designs is but a part of the process. Finally, we check with our clients and proceed to the next step.

"In the organization of any business, long-term thinking is crucial to success."

Coding & Development

Working on codes and developing a website for a client's business is always a good idea. We've got the best people for this job, perfectly finishing up every custom-developed solution for our client. What's next?

"Anyone can write a code that computers understand. Good programmers write codes that humans too, can understand."

Testing & QA

Before showing it to the public, we must make sure the product is completely functional and fully responsive, both on the inside and outside. Thorough testing and QA completely approve our work and it's ready to launch.

"If you don't like testing your product, most likely your customers won't like to test it either."


Woo-hoo! We are proud to say - your product is finally complete! Time to hit the red button and watch your idea turn into a successful business. Congrats!

"Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world."
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What We have done

We are proud of our work. They say the past is a guide to the future, so we make sure to improve as a single entity. Without progress, we wouldn't make it this far. We promised to continue evolving and are eternally grateful to all of our clients; they are what drives us forward. Here's a part of what we've done so far.

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