About Us

Based in Skopje, Macedonia, our company was formed back in 2015. As time passed, one project after another, Digital Orange grew and expanded until we became one of the few leading IT & Digital Marketing companies regionally. Today, we help businesses start from scratch and develop into recognizable brands, just like we once did.

Who We are

Oranges are the symbol of love, and so are the feelings we share for what is done here, at Digital Orange. What happens when you gather a hard-working, passionate team of professional web and mobile developers, digital marketers, and graphic designers is a transformation into an affordable IT and Digital Marketing company dedicated to building the perfect, customer-friendly web and mobile solutions, ready to be revealed on the digital market.

What We do

We've helped many businesses in different industries, from creating web and mobile solutions, to attracting new customers, up to making them fully recognized brands with loyal audience ready to act as their ambassadors. Creating web platforms, mobile apps, managing social media accounts and hosting is but a fragment of what Digital Orange can create for your business.

Why Choose Us

Our proven strategy is simple - brainstorm first, act later, before we all unanimously agree to go for the best solution available and then start implementing it, phase by phase. The key to client satisfaction lies in our ability to thoroughly research and analyze every essential keyword, design idea, down to the very last detail of a website, app, or custom made web solution.