Custom Development
Web Design

Custom Development

In need of a custom development solution? We will take the time to hear your needs and give you the best advice on how to proceed. Our designers and developers use the latest tech tools to meet your expectations and create a successful project. Custom development solutions show increased flexibility, scalability, and performance, and are always better than an already created theme which may be insecure to use.

Custom Front End Development

Custom Front End Development Making it look prettier.

According to Adobe, 38% of visitors will stop engaging with a website if the layout is unattractive enough. To fix this, we don’t apply existing pre-made themes, but we innovate outstanding custom designs, based on our client’s needs. Using today’s latest tech mechanisms, our front end developers and designers include various effects, sliders, and other appealing web components for a much better user experience. Your website will differ from the rest with uniquely put elements which will identify a product’s ‘identity’.

Custom BackEnd Development The brains behind the beauty.

Based on knowing what our clients exactly need as end products, creating solutions and complex algorithms is but a part of the digital optimization process here, at Digital Orange. We use our clients’ opinions to allow us to fulfill their expectations.
Using custom back end development, we’ll connect and interact with various external CMS/CMR systems, booking engines, payment and shipping gateways, banking APIs, etc. Adequate customization is inevitable and ads a complete new meaning to the selected external system.

Custom BackEnd Development